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Interleaving paper

Interleaving paper is mainly used in the production of stainless steel plate, CTP plate, glass, etc., is a kind of paper used for protection and spacer materials. This kind of product is produced by 100% imported bleached A-grade wood pulp.It has the characteristics of smooth surface, uniform fiber distribution, high physical strength, good stiffness, high flatness, high cleanliness, good heat resistance and so on

Electric paper

Electrolytic capacitor paper (also known as electrolytic paper) is one of the three key materials that constitute aluminum electrolytic capacitors. It acts as the adsorption carrier of the electrolyte and forms the cathode of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor together with the electrolyte. At the same time, it also plays the role of isolating the foil at the two poles, also known as the isolation paper. The paper has the characteristics of high purity, uniform thickness and tightness, and uniform fiber arrangement. In addition, it has sufficient and necessary mechanical and electrical strength, and can provide good immersion and retention for the electrolyte.